A Virtual Assistant in Training

A Virtual Assistant in Training

Have you ever felt as if you were in training, though you weren’t sure what you were training for? I have and I must say that it is an interesting feeling. You know, feeling God has something specific in mind for your life, but has yet to let you in on His plans. I bring this up as I realize how various experiences in my life have prepared me to be a virtual assistant.

While in college I realized I had an aptitude for quickly learning how to navigate my way through various word processing and desktop publishing computer programs. I love getting my hands on new software; it is always an adventure in learning to use new programs. Who knew that preparing for my Bachelor’s in Biblical Humanities would lead me to be a virtual assistant…

Now, after working several years as a virtual assistant, fulfilling several thousands of tasks for various clients around the world, I am able to share this knowledge with you, including industry secrets and what it takes to be a top ranked and top notch virtual assistant.

Let’s begin by identifying a virtual assistant.  A virtual assistant (VA), through the medium of the computer, internet, and phone, assists clients with various tasks and projects. Because everything is done virtually there is no need for clients and VAs to work within the same office space. The client submits tasks and/or projects to the VA usually through emails or phone calls.

Tasks vary in range depending on the client’s needs. Where some clients might need blog posts proofread and published, product ordered, appointments set, or research conducted, other clients may need more assistance in terms of graphic design, documents and e-books formatted, and email accounts monitored.

How has your unique life experiences equipped you to be a VA? 

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Pebbles Jacobo

Pebbles Jacobo, A&P Virtual Enterprises, began working from home as a VA (Virtual Assistant) several years ago. Jacobo enjoys working with clients in various fields, but specializes in working with Christian speakers, authors, and ministries.