About Us

Pebbles JacoboA&P Virtual Enterprises, Inc. was established in 2007 upon the foundation of owner Pebbles Jacobo’s 10+ years of administrative experience. We started client by client, task by task, and project by project. Our first clients were contracted through Elance.com, the world’s largest and most popular freelance contracting site and within just two short years we quickly progressed to stand out above the rest as a service provider on Elance ranking in the TOP 1% in the ‘Administrative Support’ (100,000+ virtual assistants) and ‘Writing & Translating’ (120,000+ writers and copy editors) categories.

A&P Virtual Enterprises is a result of the collaborative efforts of owners, Alfred & Pebbles Jacobo. Alfred brings 40+ years of business experience to the team. Pebbles has a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Humanities from Grace University.  It is their faith in God which drives them in business and life.

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