Consistency-It Gets the Job Done & Brings Clients Back for More

Consistency: It Gets the Job Done and Brings the Clients Back for More

I love what I do. I mean, seriously, my job description spans from creative development to organization to implementation of new marketing procedures and beyond. Life as a virtual assistant is good, except when it’s not. There are times when I am on top of my game and clients love my work. They praise what […]

Top Social Media No-No's

Top Social Media No-no’s

Hey all! I wanted to take a few moments today to share some social media faux pas I have come across on many occasions. Over the last five years there has been a tremendous shift between the advertising giant of traditional print media and the coming-of-age newbie, social media. By failing to understand or even […]

Stepping Up Your Blog

Stepping Up Your Blog

How successful is your blog? Several factors come into play to make a blog truly successful. What is your niche? This will be your topic of choice, usually with your unique spin or point of view. Some are comedic while others spout a ‘just the facts’ style of sharing. Without the readers, your blog would […]

As a Virtual Assistant Doing a 'Good Job' Just Isn't Enough

As a Virtual Assistant, Doing a Good Job Just Isn’t Enough

Why should a potential client choose you over everyone else out there? Entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate businesses alike all share one thing – they want the best. If they are working hard to be on top,  you can guarantee that any virtual assistants they hire are also hard workers and the best of the […]

Get Your Ducks in a Row - Getting Set Up as a VA

Get Your Ducks in a Row – Getting Set Up as a Virtual Assistant

In a recent blog post I discussed assessing one’s skill set. Life, whether as a mom or office assistant, may have equipped you with the skill set necessary to be a virtual assistant. If you want to take the next steps towards the goal of working from home as a virtual assistant, there is a […]

An Important Lesson About Business Cards

An Important Lesson About Business Cards

I love summer! It’s that time of year when it’s warm enough here in Nebraska for festive celebrations – and unintentional networking. I don’t ‘enjoy’ lugging a purse around with me, but I need to and was reminded of that recently. I had given my business card out to so many people that I ran […]

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Have you experienced one yet? Odds are that if you are in business long enough, you will – and it most likely will not be a pretty site. Difficult people have a way of pulling our strings and pushing our buttons. Oftentimes things start off quite smoothly while other times signals along the way alert […]