5 Easy Steps to Losing Your Clients

5 Easy Steps to Losing Your Clients

Once you have established your work at home business the next step you will want to take is to lose all the clients you have so carefully gained. Luckily, this can be done by following five simple steps. Indeed, losing your clients is far easier than gaining them in the first place! By following these […]

Finding a VA Job Without Getting Scammed

Finding a VA Job without Getting Scammed

If you are considering working at home, one of the jobs you are most likely to think about taking is that of a virtual assistant. In general, the work is fairly simple and pays quite well. But as you prepare to pursue this course of action, you will probably want to know what a virtual […]

Work at Home Do's & Don'ts

Work at Home Do’s & Don’ts

As a work-at-home professional, you will face a different set of challenges and blessings in your job. There are many tips available as you progress with working from home, but some are especially important to keep in mind. These include the following points. DO designate a specific time to work. Assuming that work will just […]

Top 5 Ways to Market Your Online Business OFFLINE

Top 5 Ways to Market Your Online Business OFFLINE

Marketing your online business is a big part of helping it grow. However, why constrict yourself to advertising online when the options offline are so full of potential? Advertising offline can be expensive, but it can also bring your online business a lot more publicity. There are many ways to get your business out there. […]

The ABC's of Working From Home

The ABC’s of Working from Home

Any parent can tell you how exhausting it can be to juggle family, home, and a 9 to 5 job. When spending too much time in an office job, your family life suffers. This is because you tend to miss out on the memories and your children growing up. In addition, some jobs require a […]

My Virtual Assistant Tool Box

My Virtual Assistant Toolbox

What is a craftsman without the tools of their trade? What is a carpenter without his saw? What is a chef without good food and the proper utensils and cookware? As virtual assistants our box of tools and bag of tricks are seemingly endless. I have found the following tools to be the most valuable, […]

Keeping Your New Year's Determination Throughout the Year

Keeping Your New Year’s Determination Throughout The Year

What is it about all things new that appeals to us? New clothes… new car…new shoes – well that one goes without saying, especially if you’re a woman! How about a new year? At the beginning of every year people around the world celebrate with unmatched fervor. With each new year we have a renewed […]

The Business of People Ranks Higher

The Business of People Ranks Higher

Okay, I’m veering wildly off course today with my post. Instead of talking about virtual assisanty stuff, we’re going to talk about the business of people. Recently I was tootling along at what I thought was a good clip in my business. Things were picking up and my husband, who is also my business partner, […]

Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

For a busy entrepreneur not to have a virtual assistant on staff, or at least on retainer, is for a king not to have his knights or a coffee shop not to serve coffee. Scratch that. It would be the same as a king CHOOSING not to have or make use of his knights, being […]

Communication-An Essential Tool for Growing Your Business

Communication: An Essential Tool for Growing Your Business

Perhaps one of the most important tools to help establish and grow your business is communication. Look behind the scenes of a thriving business and you will find an efficient flow of communication. Below I share a few things I have found important to communicate. It is important that we communicate what we understand our […]

Losing Time- A Review of the Latest Twitter Friend Adder TweetBig

Losing Time: A Review of the Latest Twitter Friend Adder – TweetBig

I’ve been trying out some programs that are supposed to make my life run a little smoother. Today’s blog is a review of the Twitter follow generator, TweetBig. TweetBig is designed for the soul purpose of increasing the overall quantity of one’s following on Twitter. While in some cases quantity rules, it is my opinion […]

Top Social Media No-No's

Top Social Media No-no’s

Hey all! I wanted to take a few moments today to share some social media faux pas I have come across on many occasions. Over the last five years there has been a tremendous shift between the advertising giant of traditional print media and the coming-of-age newbie, social media. By failing to understand or even […]

Stepping Up Your Blog

Stepping Up Your Blog

How successful is your blog? Several factors come into play to make a blog truly successful. What is your niche? This will be your topic of choice, usually with your unique spin or point of view. Some are comedic while others spout a ‘just the facts’ style of sharing. Without the readers, your blog would […]

As a Virtual Assistant Doing a 'Good Job' Just Isn't Enough

As a Virtual Assistant, Doing a Good Job Just Isn’t Enough

Why should a potential client choose you over everyone else out there? Entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate businesses alike all share one thing – they want the best. If they are working hard to be on top,  you can guarantee that any virtual assistants they hire are also hard workers and the best of the […]

Get Your Ducks in a Row - Getting Set Up as a VA

Get Your Ducks in a Row – Getting Set Up as a Virtual Assistant

In a recent blog post I discussed assessing one’s skill set. Life, whether as a mom or office assistant, may have equipped you with the skill set necessary to be a virtual assistant. If you want to take the next steps towards the goal of working from home as a virtual assistant, there is a […]

Help! What Do I Put on My Virtual Assistant Resume

Help, what do I put on my Virtual Assistant Resume?

A resume is a resume is a resume, right? Well…not exactly. For optimal performance resumes are custom-tailored to the position being sought. Say, for example, you are looking for a job as a high school English teacher. You wouldn’t want to use your resume tailored for a position as a delivery driver or sales manager […]

Lack of Action and the Bottom Line

Lack of Action and the Bottom Line

VA TIP: Tell your clients what programs you have available to use. The client may have additional work for you once he or she hears that you have a specific program. (from Facebook) You never know. Some clients just might have more projects/tasks for you to work on if they knew more fully what you […]