How to Get More Fans on your Facebook Fan Page

How to Get More Fans on Your Facebook FanpageToday I want to talk about increasing your Facebook fan page numbers. It is tough for someone starting out, especially if you do not already have a solid support base to begin with. So, what do you do? Like a traditional ‘brick-and-mortar,’ after you stock the shelves and hang out the open sign, you have to do a little advertising, only with social media it’s more networking than advertising.

I bet you’re asking me, “But WHERE do I find the people on Facebook to network with if I don’t already know them?”

You to go to the virtual networking events. Yes, they have those on Facebook. In one I recently attended, within 4 minutes of opening the event, 215 people had already posted their page link!

Networking is an awesome way to meet new people, interact with other business owners and, in the process, gain new likes for your page. How many likes? Well, that depends on you. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Where are these Networking Hubs?
As I already said, there are lots of networking events going on at any given moment on Facebook. Sometimes it’s called ‘shop-hopping.’ Other times they are ‘liking ladders’ and ‘silent tagging.’ Check out these pages:

Addicted to Networking
Promote My Fan Page

Be sure to check the page out first and follow any applicable rules the page is governed by.

Now, for the actual events, the ‘how’ is a little more involved, depending upon the page and/or event, but seemingly easy, once you get the hang of it and understand what you are doing.

How Do I Climb the Liking Ladders?
Silent tagging on Liking Ladders are the preferred method with regards to staying under Facebook’s radar as an ‘aggressive liker’ and spammer. Addicted to Networking is home to the original Liking Ladder and silent tagging concept. Here’s a basic rundown of what you do with the Liking Ladder:

When the Liking Ladder is open, you tag your fan page on the Ladder. To do this you type the ‘@’ followed by the name of your page. As you are typing the name of your page it should pop up in a drop-down menu for you to select. When the name turns blue (sometimes a second or two after you hit ‘enter’) your tag is active.

You travel up and down the ladder of posts liking each other pages with your Facebook profile. (Liking with a fan page is okay but it does not contribute to the fan count on that page. Remember, you are networking to increase the number of fans on your page.) This tagging is further made easy with Facebook’s feature that when your mouse hovers over a tag, their page info will pop up in a little box and you can like the page from there without going to the page.

Many people get the liking part confused with liking the actual comment their page is tagged in as opposed to liking the page. The rules of many pages include that you post only one tag per fan page and only two pages per person.

Are you ready to do a little networking? Remember, after you bring new people to your page, it’s up to you to post updates and material that is interesting to convert fans to customers. Happy networking!

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Pebbles Jacobo

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