Getting Things Done: Apps & Programs for the Virtual Assistant

Getting Things Done - Apps & Programs for the Virtual AssistantMany of my clients are able to tell me what they want with one caveat – they do not know how to get it done or how to make it happen. As a virtual assistant it is my job to figure it out – freeing up my client’s time on revenue generating tasks.

Over the years of making things happen and figuring things out, I have picked up a few programs here and there and want to share them with you. These are programs that, for whatever purpose, have stuck with me and I continue to use today.

Adobe PDF Reader – So many files these days arrive as PDF’s. How do you read PDF’s if you don’t have the Adobe suite? Easy, you download the reader.

Skype – With Skype, you are able not only to host chats and conference calls with clients and potential clients, but you also are able to host video conference calls and even share your screen and show what you are talking about, whether giving a presentation or walking someone through a process step by step.

jZip – Often times files grow and need to be ‘zipped’ to be saved and/or transmitted electronically. There are many zip programs out there to purchase but I was keeping a close eye on my bottom dollar and found jZip which could do what the other programs did…without the expensive price tag.

FileZilla FTP Client – In working with your clients online you may find that you have to upload or download something from their FTP site. How do you do that without an FTP client? I find that of the available FTP clients online, FileZilla is the easiest and most straightforward software.

doPDF7  – With Microsoft Word 2007 comes the ability to convert a Word document to a PDF document without any additional software, but before there was Word 2007, I utilized doPDF7 to convert my Word document to a PDF document for free.

KeePass – A client introduced me to this open source program. What a treasure, too. No more having to remember all your passwords or keep them on pieces of paper scattered throughout your office. Keep them all ‘locked up’ behind ONE master password!

OfficeTime – As your business grows, so will your client list. Office Time is unique software designed to assist you with the task of keeping on top of the time you spend on a client’s account. Well worth the download!

Of course, having and being very familiar with Microsoft Office Suite (including Word, Excel & Outlook) is an absolute must. These are just a few of the programs I have run across which have proven to make my life as a virtual assistant just a little easier. What program have you found to be most helpful in your business?



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Pebbles Jacobo

Pebbles Jacobo, A&P Virtual Enterprises, began working from home as a VA (Virtual Assistant) several years ago. Jacobo enjoys working with clients in various fields, but specializes in working with Christian speakers, authors, and ministries.


How about Replicon Resource management software? I believe its one of the must have app for all free lancers and virtual assistants.

Pebbles says:

I’m not familiar with that software, but will check it out. Thank you for suggesting it.