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Losing Time- A Review of the Latest Twitter Friend Adder TweetBigI’ve been trying out some programs that are supposed to make my life run a little smoother. Today’s blog is a review of the Twitter follow generator, TweetBig.

TweetBig is designed for the soul purpose of increasing the overall quantity of one’s following on Twitter. While in some cases quantity rules, it is my opinion that quality and consistency take the cake.

The one-week trial cost of TweetBig is $1. That alone is enough to suck one in. Most of us pay more than that for our daily ½-caf-Lattes. During the trial period, TweetBig definitely delivered on its promise of increasing one’s Twitter following. All three accounts I tested showed HUGE increases of several hundred followers or more.

This, however, is not as “easy” as TweetBig would have you believe. It is a time consuming task selecting all the profiles to follow, one…by one…by one…by one. (Surely they could have put a ‘select all’ button somewhere?!) It sucks you in and before you know it three hours have already gone by and you are still clicking who to follow, one…by one…by one…by one!

Lucky for you it doesn’t stop there – TweetBig is like the gift that keeps on giving. You see, for all those profiles you followed (in hopes of being followed back which is, essentially, how TweetBig works), the only things you saw of their Twitter profile were their profile picture, Twitter username, the number of their Twitter followers and their return follow ratio. You do not see their profile blurb or anything about them including their tweets, followers or who they follow. It is not until you log into Twitter that you realize how this gift keeps on giving.

To begin with, everyone and their brother sends you an automated DM, welcoming you and leaving a link to their blog/website and/or Facebook account. Okay, DM’s checked and 700+ deleted, one by one.

Since you only had a profile picture and name to go by, you check your tweets to find half of them are either in Russian, Arabic or Chinese. UNFOLLOW!

Now, check the list of who you are following. If this is a professional or business account or an account of a person who is in a ministry of some kind, you most likely don’t want to be following a ½ naked woman who’s username is ‘Hot4You.’ It is important to proactively protect your reputation, especially where social media is concerned as so many people who follow you will look to see who else you are following and well, the rest is history.

Don’t get me wrong, TweetBig is a useful program, but shouldn’t we be focusing on quality instead of quantity? There’s a reason it is called ‘social media.’ We need to build relationships instead of just pushing our own products, websites, articles and posts. How is this accomplished when all the tweets are hocking goods instead of making connections?!

TweetBig offers four levels of service with its ‘professional’ level starting at $17.95 per month. Though it floats along a tweet scheduler and other nifty tools, it can be a costly program, especially for the number of hours WASTED while selecting Tweeters to follow one…by one…by one and then later having to spend so much time manually managing your Twitter account and unfollowing so many different tweeters.

Yes, there IS a market for TweetBig and the TweetBig concept, but only if you do not care who you are marketing to and are one to go out at full bore with both guns blazing. Tell me, how does that network, connect people and make sales in the ‘social’ media world?
Have you tried TweetBig? Tell me, do pros of more followers outweigh the cons of the cost of YOUR time and the monthly fees in your view?

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