Setting Marketing Goals…and Meeting Them

Setting Marketing Goals...and Meeting ThemI just wanted to share a few quick words about your social media efforts. How do you know when you are doing too much or not enough with regards to your social media marketing? Let’s begin at the end with your goal.

A quick word about goals, business or otherwise. When setting goals, they need to be measurable AND attainable. Setting a goal like “driving traffic to my site” is just too broad – how will you know when it is attained? Or this one, “have everyone in my state view my website.”  Is that REALLY attainable? Instead, try a goal more along the lines of a “20% site traffic increase over this time last year.” Not only is this goal measurable [20% increase] but it’s also totally attainable.

Okay, back to social media marketing. What’s your goal with regards to your marketing efforts? What is the end result you seek? Many market their business and products until they are blue in the face from exhaustion with little or no results. With setting goals and mini-goals, you will be able to check in on your marketing efforts, view progress (if any) and make adjustments along the way. Being flexible will make all the difference.

For some companies marketing on Facebook and Twitter about their scheduled stops made all the difference and created a genuine following. How can you market your services on social media? How do you create interest from those following you? Is it working or does it need a bit of tweaking? Here’s a few suggestions for tweaking:

Post/Update Frequency. How often do you post? In this age of information overload there is a fine line of posting just enough to keep fans and followers interested without inundating them with too much info. I would recommend posting at least daily but 10 times daily tends to be overload…unless you have the following for it. Test the waters, view progress and adjust accordingly.

Encourage Interaction. Merely talking at your followers will get you as far as talking to a wall. Interact with them. Who knows, they may be your next paying customer or even a future business partner. Interact WITH them, and then take it a step further by encouraging them to interact with you. Ask non-rhetorical questions. One client not only posts daily announcements with regards to articles posted on their site, but they also ask questions related to the articles. Encourage interaction. It is a game of give and take that may just reveal a suggestion to hit it out of the ball park!

Post Relevancy. Imagine a fanpage about homeschooling techniques talking about and posting comments and articles about how to make homemade hand lotion! Your fans and followers are not there for the homemade hand lotion making tips; rather they follow that page to hear specifically about homeschooling. Keep it relevant.



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Pebbles Jacobo

Pebbles Jacobo, A&P Virtual Enterprises, began working from home as a VA (Virtual Assistant) several years ago. Jacobo enjoys working with clients in various fields, but specializes in working with Christian speakers, authors, and ministries.