The only thing better than satisfied clients are testimonies from actual satisfied clients. We have truly been blessed by the loyalty of our clients and here’s what a few of them have to say about their experiences with us:

Jill Hart, speaker, author & mentorJill Hart, Speaker & Writer
Pebbles is a joy to work with. She goes over and above whatever I ask of her and she does so with a smile. She isn’t afraid to learn new skills to help me with a project and she has delivered so many projects WAY beyond what I could have even asked for. Thank you, Pebbles!

Carey Scott, Speaker & Writer
PCarey Scott, Speaker & Authorebbles has been a blessing to my ministry. She has helped me streamline my efforts so I can focus on writing and speaking rather than minute details. I appreciate her quick response time and willingness to do whatever is needed. It’s rare to find such a servant’s heart mixed with raw talent and creativity. I cannot imagine doing what I do without her.

Takiela Bynum, Speaker & Writer
ITakiela Bynum, Author & Speaker had all but given up on my ministry when I met Pebbles through a mutual friend and colleague. Although I heard nothing but good things about Pebbles I doubted that she could do anything with my dream that had dwindled to hopelessness.

One day after spending some time in my prayer closet, I felt a nudge to contact Pebbles. I dismissed the thought immediately due to the fact that I already let go of my ministry dream and didn’t want to get caught up hoping in a dream only to be disappointed again because the chances of it coming true seemed relentlessly unlikely. To my surprise the nudge grew in intensity and our mutual friend wouldn’t let up regarding putting me in touch with Pebbles. Finally, I gave in to my “spiritual” nudges and the threats of our mutual friend.

There’s no doubt that this relationship, both business and personal, is God ordained, orchestrated by the Lord Himself. Pebbles not only helped breathe life into my dying dreams with her spiritually creative touch and business savvy, but she has become one of my best friends. Her role in my life far exceeds that of a virtual assistant and frankly she is a God send to my ministry and personal life as well.

If you’re not ready to take your business to the next level Pebbles is not the virtual assistant for you. However, if you’re ministry/business needs reviving or you’re desperately in need of a spiritual upgrade, Pebbles is the blessing you’ve been praying for!

 Diana Ennen, Publicist, Author, Speaker & Coach
Diana EnnenOne of the best things you can do for your business is hire a virtual assistant. The second best thing you can do is hire an awesome virtual assistant. That fortunately summarizes Pebbles. I have been very fortunate to be working with her and am always amazed at the quality of work as well as the speed in which it is done. Her professionalism is always top notch and most importantly her personality shines through, making it a joy to work with her.  She is especially gifted at being able to take my unorganized notes and turn them into exactly what I need. I would highly recommend her.

Candy Dye, Apriori  Beauty Founder & Consultant
Candy DyePebbles is a fabulous Virtual Assistant! I love how she does such a stellar job of editing and formatting my blog posts, and helps me with my online presence and business building. She is always calm when I need something right away, and gets right to it, freeing up my time to take care of my Clients and interact with my National Team of  Consultants. I appreciate what a blessing Pebbles is so very much and highly recommend her to everyone!