Tips for Social Media Success

Tips for Social Media SuccessWhether you are blogging, tweeting, updating your Facebook status, or establishing professional connection on LinkedIn you are involved in greatest thing since sliced bread –Social Media Marketing!

The purpose of social media in the business and professional world is advertising and marketing in networking, ultimately building a rapport with your audience while stretching your advertising dollars.

In improving your social media efforts, I strongly urge you to avoid the following:

Spammy Posts – Just as I am seriously turned off by marketing and bloggers daily filling my inbox with spam, I am equally turned off by spammy posts and updates clogging and monopolizing my newsfeed.  Not only do these posts turn me off, but they offer little to no value to me as the audience.

Unprofessional Posts – In social media, as in the business world, there is a certain unspoken code by which to conduct yourself. I encourage my social media marketing clients to keep their personal and business lives separate. Do you really want your business clients to know the details and drama of a messy breakup or other events in your life? Handle your PROFESSIONAL social media accounts in a professional manner. This does not mean you always have to be formal all the time, rather, keep your personal life between you and your personal friends. Additionally, this prevents ‘spamming’ your friends with updates and posts regarding your business. If you want to be taken as a professional, you need to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Spotty Posts – So you want people to follow your blog? We are creatures of habit. We thrive on regularity and consistency. The same goes for Twitter and Facebook posts. I have come across many accounts which have obviously been abandoned and I have no desire to connect with those accounts. Be regular. Give your followers at least a daily update. Regular daily and weekly updates develop a following much better than quarterly posts.

Marketing Without Direction – For many using social media their results will be mediocre. They continue to spin their wheels without a true direction resulting in never really gaining traction. If your site is about fixing computer software issues then parenting articles just won’t fly. The same holds true with your social media posts and updates. The most productive and popular sites did not gain their following by posting whatever they wanted. Write down a marketing outline. Is there specific issues/topics you want to focus on in specific months? Have a general plan outlined (and adhered to) will make great progress.

Most importantly, enjoy what you do and share that excitement with your audience. Did you recently attend a conference related to your particular field? Then share that with your audience. Who knows, maybe they will join you at future conferences!

Social media marketing is about people and networking. Treat both with respect and you will see great success.

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Pebbles Jacobo

Pebbles Jacobo, A&P Virtual Enterprises, began working from home as a VA (Virtual Assistant) several years ago. Jacobo enjoys working with clients in various fields, but specializes in working with Christian speakers, authors, and ministries.