Top 5 Ways to Market Your Online Business OFFLINE

Top 5 Ways to Market Your Online Business OFFLINEMarketing your online business is a big part of helping it grow. However, why constrict yourself to advertising online when the options offline are so full of potential? Advertising offline can be expensive, but it can also bring your online business a lot more publicity. There are many ways to get your business out there.

One way to reach out and advertise your business is with mailings. Sending out mailings to your current customers can help them remember you when they need your services or products. In addition, if you send something like a magnet for them to put on the fridge, others may see it and inquire. It can benefit you greatly and give you easy advertising.

A second way to market more is to print business cards. These can be printed for fairly cheap on websites such as or If you carry your business cards everywhere you go, you will be able to distribute them anytime that you are asked about your job. A small business card is inconspicuous but can make a major difference.

A third helpful tip for getting your online business into the offline world is by introductions. One website,, recommends telling people what you do when you are introduced. Don’t just say that you work from home – instead, tell them what you do from home in one or two short sentences. Just the general introductions in the way of life can pave the way for a small advertisement by word of mouth. In addition, make sure that your friends and family know what your job is all about so they can recommend your product or services when a need arises.

Another splendid way to market your business and services is by going to events. Especially if these events are computer or Internet related or reaching an Internet-savvy audience, they can make a difference in your number of clients. This is a great place to hand out your business cards or other items that you may have designed specifically for your business.

Finally, in connection with the fourth point, it is great to have as many advertising items as possible. If you have company vehicles, put wraps on them like suggests. Then anytime you drive anywhere, you are advertising. If your online business has a physical location and other employees, company shirts help you advertise too. Finally, little things with your logo and website can be working for you too. These may be pens, mugs, pads of paper, keychains, and the like as suggested by

By doing offline advertising for your online business, you can reach a whole new clientele in need of whatever you offer. Taking advantage of every opportunity for spreading the word will help your business grow in a way that outpaces your competitors. One way to ensure that is by marketing – online and at least as importantly, offline.

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Pebbles Jacobo

Pebbles Jacobo, A&P Virtual Enterprises, began working from home as a VA (Virtual Assistant) several years ago. Jacobo enjoys working with clients in various fields, but specializes in working with Christian speakers, authors, and ministries.