Twitter Tips to Tweeting Success

Twitter Tips to Tweeting SuccessSocial media is a giant that will only continue to grow and evolve. Social media marketing, namely Twitter, can get you on the radar and build your business. How you market your business or services is your business, but by utilizing a few social media marketing basics you are sure to have great social media success. Here are a few basics to get you started:

Don’t just post, interact! You know, the reason they call it “social media” is because it’s social! Interact with your audience and potential clients. Social media and social marketing are about networking and interacting. Simply posting updates and tweets does not reach your audience. As a social media marketer it has been my experience that posting at your audience without engaging them, without interacting with them simply loses them. People need that personal contact. They need additional reasons be active followers. Let’s face it, active followers are more likely to purchase products and services.

Be true to yourself and/or your cause. If someone is looking for weightlifting and exercise tips as advertised on your profile odds are they will be turned off (and likely unfollow you) if you suddenly decide to post about gardening or photography. If your account is for social marketing and networking with potential clients and partners, be sure your posts are along those lines.

When posting content and links, make sure they are useful. Posting spammy content is the number one way to have me, and others, unfollow you. I do not have time for spam when I am looking for tender, juicy morsels of real content! Any internet marketing consultant will tell you to avoid spammy content. IT is just not worth it.

Know and use Twitter etiquette. It is not just about following the rules. It is about making your account worth following. Take, for example, post lengths. In Twitter, posts are limited to 140 characters. If you can’t stick to 140 characters or less, consider other means of networking. I have seen so many tweets cut off without the message being conveyed. Another reason to know and use Twitter etiquette is to prevent your account from being flagged as a spammer and disabled.


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Pebbles Jacobo

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